Halftime in America

As usual, I watched this year’s Super Bowl more for the commercials than the game, although I’m glad the Giants won. Not that I’m a fan, I’m just not crazy about Tom Brady.

The Twitterverse was full of comments about the ads, and there was the usual complement of racy Go Daddy ads and refreshingly a dearth of juvenile, frat-house beer ads involving flatulence and below-the-belt pratfalls.

The car ads that stood out were the Chevy ads–with my favorite also being controversial. Seems Ford saw the ad ahead of time on You Tube and objected, asking NBC to pull the ad. Apparently the good folks at Ford didn’t get the joke.

Audi’s vampire party ad is a hoot, and does a great job of focusing on one product attribute–daylight headlights.

But here’s what everyone is talking about: [<a href=”http://storify.com/samjb/is-halftime-in-america-a-rip-off-of-morning-in-ame” target=”_blank”>View the story “Is \”Halftime in America\” a rip-off of \”Morning in America?\”” on Storify</a>]